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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Conflict and Resolution

Every great story line has a hero and heroine. Guy sees girl, guy doesn't know girl has already chosen him, cast her line and has been reeling him in. Soon after enters conflict....he resists commitment, resolution...she calls her Momma and Daddy and the Preacher and everything is set. (Well maybe it works this way in Hollywood).

All relationships have conflict and resolution..Our little family currently has one. Husband wants to take a vacation and drop a few thousand dollars going to a far away place and come home more ragged and stressed then he went left. Wife doesn't want to leave her cats, fish and ducks* so the matter is pretty well settled. She instead spends his money making his home appear more French Polynesian so he won't be tempted to wander and instead enjoy tranquil moments together in his gardens with said wife, cats, fish and ducks*. Conflict and resolution...... solved. Bora Bora is after all, a state of mind.

I haven't had much opportunity to knit because of gardening, redecorating (and my NBA team has made it to the quarter finals...go THUNDER!) so I thought I'd share what I've been doing since there isn't any progress reports on my knitting.

Start with a killer sunset

Front yard (garden) oasis

Add the sound of trickling water

Don't forget the tropical plants 

Finally, be sure and carry the theme inside

Yeah, I've been busy, but soon I will be sewing cushion covers to match the decor. For now the cats are pretty pleased with me just using the towels!

(and let the theme spill out to the back yard or back garden)

Have a happy vacation!!! (We will be!)

-nance-   xx

*The Wild Ducks we feed:
   Mavis (her chick)
   The "Real" Gerald (her mate)
   The "Imposter" Gerald (a free loader)
   Dirty Rat and Itchy Brother- two ducks looking for a handout

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