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Friday, March 21, 2014

Behind the times

What I love about knitting is that you are always learning. The world is filled with savvy knitters that share their knowledge and tricks and we are all the richer for it.

In the last few weeks I've learned a new method (to me), hence the title "Behind the Times". Wise women have been knitting socks two at a time for quite some time with the brilliant knitting invention called "After-Thought Heels and Toes".  What an amazing discovery to someone who had virtually given up hope of knitting well fitting toe up socks.

I knitted one pair of toe up socks in my life and it went haywire somewhere around the ankle. I have a slim ankle. I could be an "ankle" model if you keep the camera from panning around. Less than pleased with my one toe up sock adventure, I gave up and and spent all my sock time on cuff down, one at a time socks (they do take a bit of stick-to-it-ism on that second sock).

I made my fatal mistake knitting a complex sock that was so textured that I could have made a baby blanket or two baby sweaters from it. Unfortunately my mistake was choosing a yarn 100% superwash Merino (no nylon) and all my hard work deteriorated after 3 months and two humongous holes appeared on the bottoms of both socks. Yeah, I had spent around $30 for socks that were now delegated to dusting the furniture or pulled across my Swiffer mop head to dust the floor.  That was my last sock until now.....

The "After thought heel" brilliant. God bless you, wise knitter for sharing your discovery. Now I can knit my toes and heels in a coordinated color (or not as evidenced below) and if a hole materializes, I can now pick up the stitches, cut out the old holey yarn, and re knit the damaged area and my socks live to see another day!

Here is a photo of my WIP Test socks. Yes, I used old stash yarn that didn't really match and I didn't care since it was experimental and who will see my toes and heels in a shoe unless I wear sandals? (I'm nerdy enough to do that, actually)

My inner nerd is very pleased with my new socks!
You can find the After Thought heel (and Toe Up) pattern here and while I did chose to marry this method with another pattern, next time I'll follow the full pattern and see if I can conquer my fear of Toe Up socks!

Keep learning....keep knitting........

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