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Friday, October 24, 2014

Taking a break… Literally

First of all, pardon any errors in transcription is I'm having to dictate my posts as I'm not able to type at present.

Saturday October, 18th my husband and I attended a University of Oklahoma football game. A few feet from our entrance gate I managed to fall on the sidewalk and severely damage my left arm.

The University of Oklahoma is located in Norman Oklahoma and The Norman police department decided to run an extension cord across the sidewalk near our gate to power their laptop. Being fascinated with the sights and sounds coming from the arena and checking out the beautiful K9 police dog feet away from me, I failed to watch my feet as I tripped over an extension cord cover the police had left there for safety.

The safety cord cover caught me mid stride throwing me forward into the concrete pavement with nothing to break my fall except for my elbow. The MRI shows that I suffered three cracks in my arm one being in my shoulder, two being in my elbow but I've also suffered a torn tricep.

We're waiting a doctors call now to see which specialist I see and how to plot out recovery. Needless to say during this time there will be no knitting or anything that requires two hands which includes typing also.

Not knitting is driving me a little crazy!!!!

See you later, much the yarn cave

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello October

"I'm So glad I live in a world where there are Octobers"
 Anne Of Green Gables


  I seem to have start-itis this week. Or maybe it's my ADD kicking in. I have idle moments where my other projects do not beckon me, instead I hear the siren's song to start new projects and use up old stash yarn. Such is the case of old fingering yarn that started out being socks but now are going to be gloves after determining I would not have enough yarn.
  Gloves made from fingering yarn aren't very warm for a bitter winter's chill but they do make very good lining glove to wear underneath mittens or thin gloves to give that double layer of extra warmth. (Nice pajamas here in the background, huh?) 

Also started this week: 


I purchased this Berroco Ultra Alpaca last year to make this project and I'm just getting around to making it after kicking the idea around for a while. I'm always hesitant in making legwarmers because of past experience where the leg warmer does not want to stay up. Should that be the case this time I will remedy that by sewing elastic at the tops. I grew attracted to legwarmers as an option of doing socks. You spend so much time and effort in the design of socks only to have them wear out within the first year or two. I decided if I wanted to put in that amount of effort, I wanted something that would not wear out it would accomplish the function of both beauty and warmth.

Just for laughs

This caught my eye today and I thought how I'd like this product for my husband's work IPhone. Can I get an amen out there, folks?