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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello October

"I'm So glad I live in a world where there are Octobers"
 Anne Of Green Gables


  I seem to have start-itis this week. Or maybe it's my ADD kicking in. I have idle moments where my other projects do not beckon me, instead I hear the siren's song to start new projects and use up old stash yarn. Such is the case of old fingering yarn that started out being socks but now are going to be gloves after determining I would not have enough yarn.
  Gloves made from fingering yarn aren't very warm for a bitter winter's chill but they do make very good lining glove to wear underneath mittens or thin gloves to give that double layer of extra warmth. (Nice pajamas here in the background, huh?) 

Also started this week: 


I purchased this Berroco Ultra Alpaca last year to make this project and I'm just getting around to making it after kicking the idea around for a while. I'm always hesitant in making legwarmers because of past experience where the leg warmer does not want to stay up. Should that be the case this time I will remedy that by sewing elastic at the tops. I grew attracted to legwarmers as an option of doing socks. You spend so much time and effort in the design of socks only to have them wear out within the first year or two. I decided if I wanted to put in that amount of effort, I wanted something that would not wear out it would accomplish the function of both beauty and warmth.

Just for laughs

This caught my eye today and I thought how I'd like this product for my husband's work IPhone. Can I get an amen out there, folks?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Doctor McDreamy, Liquid Turkeys, and Ooh La La!

Hello Knitting world!

I had started a blog post two weeks ago while still in the grips of pain and mind-befuddleness and I left the post lying there in cyberspace nurtured in its cocoon of blissful, wooly, medicinal fluff. Not real relevant now that I'm back in the real world.

Had my last Dr's appointment with Dr. Gorgeous
Paging Dr. McDreamy, and its better in real life
...he held my hand again getting me up on the exam table. Managed not to swoon with my husband standing there. Eye candy in a Doctor is a good thing....sigh...I won't be seeing him again and the next surgeon is ever so bland. Just gray hair and big brains and hands, but tops in his field dealing with Esophageal/Stomach Surgery. It has a big, long, technical name for the procedure but no sense taxing the brain. Next surgical rodeo is late November which means no Wedding Anniversary celebration (in any form) or Thanksgiving Feast. I'll be having liquids and unless Butterball Turkey can pulverize and liquidize a gobbler to sip, its going to be a long, long, unhappy Fall.

I did manage to finish a few projects recently, one finished the day before surgery and one well after and it wasn't error free, unfortunately. I made a new pair of Duffers slippers and the opening shrunk up, leaving the base too large. It reminds me of circus clown shoes. One shoe is perfect. One shoe looks like Barnum and Bailey shoes.

I rushed to finish my French Can-Can, which I absolutely love and it did turn heads at Dr. Gorgeous' Office (as well as Church). I say I rushed it, because morbid me thought of it as a funeral shroud if I had had a coronary on the operating table. I didn't want all that cable knitting to go to waste.


Don't you love your non-knitting friends? Don't you love when you are asked to make them winterwear and you have to educate them in the process? I have the sweetest friend who lives in frozen tundra-land and she really needs to possess all her digits in that climate. I was happy to accept knitting fingered handwarmers for her and we set about finding the right pattern (well, that was easy).
She wanted black (oh boy!) and did she mention she was allergic to wool, but silk would be fine? Life is all about compromise, so we agreed on black cashmere/wool blend (using a white doily on my lap helps to see all the stitches), but I suggested she purchase a thin, cheap, cotton glove to wear under the luscious wool yarn I planned to supply her with if her skin allergy kicked in.
I think she'll find that this is one wool she will love next to her skin.
Knit Pick's Capra

Gotta run...need to wind some skeins for a new MKAL starting in a few days...more on that the Yarn Cave : )