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Friday, February 27, 2015

Go and Smell the Roses

February 27, 2015

For some time now I've contemplated changing this blog name to read "Nance Seriously Needs a Hospital Bed" and until this week, its been true.

I underwent stomach/esophagus surgery (Nissan Fundoplication) on January 15th and its taken some time to feel human again. I spent a few days in the hospital connected to tubes and hoses and machinery. I was given a liquid diet to consume
and I couldn't eat the Jello, pudding in cups, or ice cream that they gave me.
I had been on full liquids two months prior (yes, during the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays), so full liquids is what my diminutive stomach was used to. (Next Christmas I plan to eat the biggest piece of fudge I can find).

I was sent home to recover and most of that time I've been permanently affixed to my reclining chair. My daytime companions were two cats that wanted to lay on my sutured belly, daytime TV and pain pills. Absolutely no knitting, reading or thoughtful conversation in the evenings due to narcotics that left me falling asleep mid-sentence.

Pain subsided over time and then the enemy became fatigue. I have an auto-immune disease known as "Sjogren's Syndrome" that gives me chronic fatigue and when you add not being able to eat on top of that, you have weakness and a nutritional problem. I was given soft, mushy foods to eat and have been eating mainly soups and pastas and I can only eat 1/2 cup of food per meal. The food I'm living on is banned on my diabetes requirement list, but hey, a girl has to live. I'll go back to diabetes conscious food when I'm able to eat bread, meat, salad and raw vegetables again. For now, I cannot.

The upside: I'm losing inches and surely a few pounds. I'm now able to leave the house for short visits (fatigue) and my car seat belt had to be re-adjusted to fit me. Most people recover from this surgery quicker and can go back to near normal living within a couple of weeks, for me its been around six weeks.

OK, the organ recital is over. It was tough and now its life getting back to normal, which means knitting. I still have the same projects I had two months ago. Four projects total and its only been this week that I had the strength of mind and body to work on them. I'm letting two projects hibernate and focusing on completing my shawl and my socks.

My shawl is Anna Dalvi's Mystic Vortex which was a KAL from October 10 2014 (me being the first KAL drop-out). I still hate the color of my yarn (recycled spinach) but it should match some of my drab, late Fall ensemble. I believe I have a couple of weeks left before completion. Feels like I've made it a career knitting this piece.

My other WIP being knitted is a modified Business Casual sock by Tanis Lavallee. I have one full sock completed and I'm knitting the heel in it's mate.

It is so good to be knitting again, but the break was good for me. I tend to be compulsive, no matter the hobby, I do it to excess.  I can't play video games, as I play for hours giving myself motion sickness doing it. Same with knitting.
It became an obsession, knitting all day and all evening. The break helped me to realize this and to schedule in other pursuits.

To quote the Travelocity gnome: "Go and smell the roses!"

Now if I could just go......

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

In Search of my Knitting Mojo...or Why I Need to Hit a Yarn Home Run

In Search of My Knitting Mojo

After weeks of non-knitting and pill popping, resting my torn left tricep (my knitting arm), I discovered that I had misplaced my confidence.

My current projects are more "chore" than "adore" as I struggle through them. 

Have you ever been here in the "knitting slough of despondency"?

I just need one project to turn out better than expected, but alas...all is mediocrity.

I finished a pair of "fingered" mitts for a girlfriend of mine that lives in the frozen tundra known as Northern Colorado. Maybe I've already told you this? I let her pick out the pattern while steering her away from silk yarn to warmer wool with cashmere. I also let her pick the color. She chose the pattern "Treads" by Victoria Anne Baker in the color black. My gosh, you haven't lived until you've knitted 8 total vikkel braids in the dark of winter using blacker than black yarn.
It made me nuts, but I finished them. 

While it appears grey in this photo, trust me, its black as midnight in real life...I lightened the photo to show the detail, because, honestly, unless you're a knitter, you're not going to see it. It is a well written pattern, and I do recommend it....

Just not in black!!!

I also joined Anna Dalvi's MKAL called Mystic Vortex, being the first dropout after my accident. Its coming along slowly after frogging two times.

 I am fascinated with the design but less than enthused with my yarn color.
I am using Wollmeise Lace-Garn in the colorway "Schwefel" which translates to mean "sulphur or brimstone" I think it looks more like recycled spinach, or gallstone from hell. I mixed in a little mocha fine lace and now its better. But I'm not in love with it.

Please knitting mojo, come back...I need you or an exciting new project. Five aren't enough, apparently.